How To Make A Necklace Holder

Since I am a renter and do not own my own home, I am aDSCN0179lways very wary of doing any damage to
the structure. Where I currently live, there are
random nails already in the walls, so instead of
creating more holes I tried to work with what I already had. That meant that my necklace situation was looking pretty weak.

Not only do I not own my home, but I also don’t even own the furniture in my home. This makes it very hard to create a sense of personal design and style when everything is pre-set. I love looking at different interior decoration, but I am also conflicted with the fact that I’m a penny pincher and I find decorations over-priced.

When I came across a random piece of wood at work, I found it as inspiration to create a new necklace holder. I had been hounding Etsy for a while looking for a necklace holder, but I wasn’t going to invest the money in something that was only stylized to match a certain type of decor. So here is what I created instead, that is cheap, simple to replicate & can be easily customized:

What you will need:DSCN0169

  • A piece of wood
    • I found mine at work randomly. I was originally inspired by using a tree branch, but I found this piece of wood more practical.
  • Hemp string
    • Or any string material of your choice that would be strong enough to hold up the weight your going to be placing on your holder. I happened to already have this at home.
  • Large screw eyes
  • Ceiling hooks
  • A ruler
  • A pencil / sharpie
  • Paint (optional)

Cost of project = <$10

  1. Align where you would like the screw eye hooks to be. These will be used to hang up the necklace holder. For my plank of wood, I chose 0.75″ x 1.25″ from the ends. Place a mark with your pencil/sharpie where you plan to screw your hooks. Then start screwing! I did not use any tools during this project and simply hand-screwed the hooks.DSCN0175
  2. Align where you would like your ceiling hooks to be. These will be used to hang the necklaces on. I chose 0.75″ x 1.5″ and each hook was 1″ away from each other. Screwing all these hooks in made my hands tired and weak so I wore a glove to make it a little easier. DSCN0177
  3. Tie a string around the screw eye hooks to hold up the necklace holder and voila! DSCN0180
  4. I decided to paint a design to make it unique. Crafter’s tip: Keep primary color paints around the house because you can always mix the colors you don’t have.DSCN0184

I understand that it is not perfect, but neither am I. I am glad to have this necklace holder to help organize my bathroom (and I’m sure Tim is happy for it too!).


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