Snowshoeing to Taggart Lake in Grand Teton National Park

Snowshoes are tools you strap on your shoe that allow you to walk on top of snow, rather than sinking into the snow. They used to look like wooden tennis racquets strapped to your feet, but they have modernized and the ones I used looked like this:


I rented my pair from Skinny Skis for only $15 for the day, which I think is a great deal for a first-time user.

We drove out into Grand Teton National Park towards Moose and drove as far as we could until the road was blocked with snow.

Parking Lot

From there we strapped on our snow shoes. Wearing snow shoes for the first time is similar to how I would imagine a penguin feels walking. You have to be careful not to step on the other foot’s snow shoe so you have your stance just a bit wider than normal.

And from there we walked.



And walked.


Stopped walking because there was a moose.


Found an alternative route to walk around the moose.


Oohed and aahed at the beauty.


Until we got to our destination – Taggart Lake.


It was probably about 3 miles round trip, which I believe is easily manageable for anyone.

After that we nommed on some pizza at Dornan’s, located in Moose with the best view and yummy ‘za.

This adventure was made possible thanks to my friends Jenny, Elise & Ali (and Tim tagged along too).


Thanks for showing a Texan how to become a Wyoming local.


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